Japan Foods 3Q 2023 EPS: S$0.005

Japan Foods 3Q 2023 EPS: S$0.005

Japan Foods Holding Q3 2023 Results

The revenue increased by 21% from 3Q 2022 to S$20.3m.

Net income decreased by 63% from 3Q 2022 to S$893.0k.

Profit margin has decreased to 4.4%. In the third quarter of 2022, it was 15%.

EPS dropped from S$0.014 in 3Q 2022 to S$0.005.

Chart shows data from the past 12 months.

Insights Into Japan Foods Holding's Earnings

We predict revenue growth of 3% annually over the next 3 years. The Hospitality industry in Singapore is forecast to grow 11%.

How well is the Singaporean Hospitality industry performing? It is doing quite well. Occupancy rates have increased. Revenue per available room has also increased. International arrivals are up, with Chinese tourists being the biggest group. The government has invested in promoting tourism, and it seems to be paying off. Overall, the future looks bright for the hospitality industry in Singapore.

The company's stocks went down by 1.1% in a week.

Japan Foods Holding has 3 warning signs in our investment analysis. You should know about them. Be careful.

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