HID's Bamboo Seos Cards: Sustainable Access Security

HID's Bamboo Seos Cards: Sustainable Access Security

HID has made new Seos Bamboo credentials. The credentials are made from bamboo, not PVC. HID is a big company for identity solutions. This new credential is part of HID's Seos security solution. It's an Eco Card that gives physical access security. It's the first of many new Eco Cards. These Eco Cards are better for the environment. They use sustainable materials.

The bamboo comes from forests managed by the FSC. The FSC ensures responsible forest management. The forests provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

New data shows that most companies now consider sustainability and the environment as significant focal points. This means they are using more earth-friendly materials and trying to waste less energy. HID’s latest report confirms this trend.

HID has made new access cards. These cards are very safe. They are made from bamboo. Bamboo is a plant that grows fast and needs less water and pesticides. HID is always finding new ways to make better things. These cards are an example of that. HID still makes sure the cards are very safe for customers.

Ten years ago, HID Mobile Access was introduced, which was the first in the industry. The senior vice president and managing director of physical access control, Martin Huddart, says this marked the start of their journey to give alternatives to plastic cards and badges.

Seos Bamboo provides another choice for sustainability in the physical access system. This values a chain that is more friendly to the environment, even in places where physical access cards are necessary.

Seos Bamboo cards can help organizations get green building certifications. This includes LEED, BREEAM, and Zero Waste to Landfill. These are all accepted worldwide.

HID helps people and things be identified securely. We let people safely do things and go places. Our solutions help people access things and connect digital items. Many people in the world use our products to get things done. We work with different groups and companies. HID has many employees worldwide and supports over 100 countries. HID is part of the Assa Abloy Group.

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Gartner's Guide For NDR In 2022

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Gartner suggests using NDR solutions for better detection and response. Security teams should prioritize NDR solutions. This can enhance their overall security.

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