"Watermelon Supply Exceeds Last Year, Falls Short Of Expectations"

"Alimer Cooperative's MD, Jesús Abenza"

It's still raining a lot in the Spanish Levante. There isn't much sunlight either. This might affect upcoming crops, like watermelon in Murcia. People are worried about what will happen.

Bad news for Lorca. A big storm with hail hit on May 13. This caused damage to more than 600 hectares of crops. Crops like watermelon, melon, artichoke, broccoli, and lettuce were affected.

50 hectares of watermelon crops around our facilities were destroyed by hail. Another 40 hectares were partially affected, and we don't know how the plants will grow. Jesus Abenza is the head of the cooperative Alimer. He says that 10-12% of the expected watermelon production is already lost.

Persistent rain is causing concern for producers in the region, along with the north of Almeria. Hail was previously the concern. The situation has changed in a matter of days.

Too much rain and not enough sun have hurt watermelon growth. We're worried about how many we'll have for harvest. We hoped for more this year, but things didn't turn out so good. We have less land growing watermelons than last year. There will be more watermelons available than last year, but not as many as we had hoped.

Need more details about Alimer S.Coop? Contact Jesús Abenza at +34 968 460 812 or [email protected]. You can also visit their website at www.alimer.es. Alimer S.Coop is located at Camino de Villaespesa, s/n in Lorca, Spain.

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