India Seeks Self-contained Solar Panels

India Seeks Self-contained Solar Panels

First Solar Partners With IIT Madras For Better PV Modules

The partnership aims to improve the supply chains for thin film PV technology in India. This includes big manufacturing, testing of modules, and recycling of high-value materials. First Solar already wants to create a hub for PV manufacturing in Tamil Nadu later this year.

The US manufacturer says they can reuse over 90% of module materials. They can make new solar panels, glass, rubber, and aluminium products with the materials. They like closed-loop semiconductor recovery for new modules.

Ashok Jhunjhunwala, the president of IIT Madras Research Park says that First Solar has shown that thin film can compete with China's crystalline silicon. Their panels are high-performance, sustainable, and responsible. He is happy to work with First Solar to learn more about their technology and share their renewable expertise.

India sees a huge chance to boost its clean energy sector by improving the design and afterlife of solar panels. This is a big opportunity.

First Solar began in Arizona in 1999 and now ranks as one of the top 10 producers of PV modules worldwide. Their module technology features a CadTel semiconductor that is eco-efficient and has the least carbon and water impact of any PV module available.

First Solar bought Evolar, a perovskite technology European leader, in May. This purchase should help speed up the progress of thin film PV. Evolar's research lab in Uppsala will continue to work on research, and will be the first R&D facility by First Solar in Europe.

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